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Same Title, Different Song

Our next Old-Fashioned Lab Day in theory class should be interesting. The sophomores have already decided on the theme “Same Title, Different Song,” and I’m hoping the freshmen will do the same. Some examples that come to mind…

“Valleri”/”Valerie”–The Monkees, Steve Winwood, Amy Winehouse

“Jolene”–Dolly Parton, Ray LaMontagne (thank you, Sherry Bube)

“Cannonball”–Duane Eddy, The Breeders

“Only Love Can Break (Your/a) Heart”–Gene Pitney, Neil Young (okay, not exact, but close enough)

“Gloria”–Antonio Vivaldi, Van Morrison (hahaha!)

“Patches”–Dickey Lee, Clarence Carter

“Bad”–Michael Jackson, U2

Other suggestions welcome!