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  1. I spent the afternoon on the phone with MorningStar trying to track down copyright information on “Jesus on that Day” since it is no longer in their catalog. The email address they gave me ( didn’t work. I finally found this website. Is this piece in print with another publisher? If you own the copyright, how could I get permission to use it? I have a single copy of the MorningStar publication from 1995. I’m the music director at a Presbyterian church in KY and would like to use this piece in June when this Luke 7 text is in the lectionary.

    1. Hi, Elaine,

      I never actually took the official steps to recover the copyright from MorningStar when they took “Jesus on That Day” out of print a few years ago. Therefore, legally, they still own it. However, if they don’t seem to think you need their permission to duplicate it, then I am happy to encourage you use the piece and do whatever you need to do. I would like to have a copy of your bulletin/worship aid for the day it is used at your church. Thanks so much for your interest!

  2. Here’s another vote for “Jesus on that Day.” I was told today that they have returned the copyright to you, two years later than your comment above. If you have made other arrangements for publication, please let me know. We will sing it this year, and the very least we can do is send you a copy of our bulletin.

    Really glad you wrote that one!

    First Church Birmingham

    1. Jim,
      I’m very happy to know that you are using “Jesus on That Day!” Interestingly, you seem to know more about the situation with MorningStar than I do. I wonder if I have somehow ignored some correspondence from them. Guess I’ll have to follow up.
      Please send a copy of your bulletin–electronically is fine if possible, or let me know and I will send you my mailing address.


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