Valentine’s Day in Review

It’s not often I have/take a moment to review what I did the day before. I think today deserves such a moment.

Yesterday’s Music Theory classes were a bit freeform. In the freshman class in particular, where one student is from small-town Indiana and the others are from Hunan, China, we discovered that none of the class members recognized the names James Taylor and Carly Simon. They did recognize some of the songs by these artists, however, and the Chinese students were particularly taken aback by the amount of Heinz Ketchup that was being poured on a hamburger in the TV commercial that used Carly Simon’s “Anticipation.” Remember that one?

We did suffer a bit of Friday-afternoon-General-Studies-Class-and-it’s-snowing attrition in the Music for Living class, but those of us who made it watched Rob Paravonian’s “Pachelbel Rant,” which is always a hit.

Toward the end of the  day, I posted a link to the Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight” and made a reference to the snow we are getting in Terre Haute. I’m sure that a few people recognized that as a diversion from the real point that I was hinting at by posting that song. (Hint to the hint: most of the decisions that brought about my previous post “Friday the 13th, 2013” came down in the month of February. I can’t help but hope that either I’m wrong about something coming “in the air tonight,” or that what’s coming is of a different nature than what came in those Februaries past.)

The best part of Valentine’s Day, 2014, though, was supper. Magdy’s had a Valentine’s menu that included Chef Magdy Atwa’s famous rack of lamb. It’s every bit as good as everyone says. It seems as though it’s been years since Patricia and I have been able to enjoy a long, multi-course meal without worrying about preparation or dishwashing. We had a nice table by the fireplace (which wasn’t actually working, but the thought was there). I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to sit, eat, drink and let the conversation flow with a loved one who is so well informed. And interesting. And cute. Annnnnnd, I nailed my tie with the Cabernet sauce.

She (Patricia, that is) also gave me a “love bucket” from the Maureys’ Hoosier Baker enterprise. Such a talented family–plus, they really know their cake pops.

Not bad for one day.


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  1. Loved your post! Hey–you’re the only person following me on twitter because I never go there and do anything . . I’ll try. I keep thinking it’s 140 WORDS.

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